The Footman - Tenebrous Ft. Steph Russell (2019)

Tim Lee | Deer: and How They're Made (2018)

Amber Boardman | "@Jade Fad: A Social Media in Paint" (2018)

Verge Gallery | Sculpted Sound 2 (2018)

Collaborative performance with dancer Ivey Wawn. I created a program that tracked Ivey's movements with a webcam to generate and affect sounds based on direction and velocity. She improvised with space and movement while I improvised with an additional live electronic component. 

Sculpted Sound (2017)

Ice Cream Golf (2017- Present)

Client: Melt Creativity

Ice Cream Golf is an iPhone game currently in development by new company Melt Creativity. I was offered the role of creating the soundtrack for this game as well as sound effects.

They asked for something dreamy, fun, cute, and a little bit nostalgic. On the right you can see a few examples of rough compositions I am working on for Ice Cream Golf within the game.

Please note: the levels are just visual place holders and game mechanics aren’t apparent here.

Ice Cream Golf (2017- Present)

The Weird (2014)

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